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Upload download files using  We Transfer

If you have low quantity amount of files and you need a Regular Basis File Transmission With Clipping Path Biz then use We Transfer system is the easy method to upload and download your files. You can send files maximum 2GB .

What to Do and How to Upload  WE -TRANSFER 
  • At First you go to this Link
  • Then Fill-up your friends mail & your mails. Example- Friends mail:
  • When your fill-up completed then You click add files.
  • Your files must be Created ZIP And RAR format.
  • When your files loading completed  then click Transfer.
  • Few minute wait and when Finished your file upload then you will get notification in your mail.
How to Download  WE TRANSFER 
  • When we will transfer files in your mail from we transfer then you will get notification in your mail include Download link.
  • Then you click Download link and save your files your Drive.
  • When your download completed , you will extract your files from ZIP Format.

If you still have question and information about how to use WE TRANSFER please feel free to contact us anytime at

Upload download files using FTP

If you have Big Size, Extra Big Size or Huge amount of files and you need a Regular Basis File Transmission with Clipping Path Biz  then FTP System is the most popular and easy method to Upload and Download your files.
Using FTP you would be able to Upload/Download folder and any quantity of high resolution images of any size quicker and faster and there would be no limitation involved.We will create your Ftp account and we will sent you  FTP host,User name and Password.