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clipping path service

We are a Photo Retouching Company. We have 10 years’ experience in Clipping Path Industry. Our Clipping Path Service starts from $0.21 cents. Send Test Now.

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Clipping Path Service

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Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of properties in the photo editing markets worldwide. We providing Clipping Path Service and Remove Background, Headshot and Beauty Retouch, Ghost Mannequin, and Photo Manipulation.

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clipping path service

Our Services

You can start a short discussion with us to identify your needs. We will work closely with you to implement the job with vibrant quality.

clipping path service
We do all Type Clipping Path Service 100% handmade using Pen Tool in Photoshop. We never use an automated tool such as the Magic Wand Tool. Our clipping path price starts from $21 cents.
background removal service
we provide all types of Background removal Services in Adobe Photoshop pen tool never using the Magic Wand Tool. We are providing all Background Removal Service at too cheap price and it starts from $21 cents.
ecommerce photo editing
We want to create eye-catching promotional work for our clients to help them reflect who they are, at a price they can afford. Our E-Commerce Photo Editing Services price starts from $21 cents.
Best Wedding Photo Editing Service
We want to create Wedding Images Processing and color fixing for our clients and reflect who they are, at a price that they can afford. See the price page for details.
photo retouching service
High-End Photo Retouching Services is one of the most advanced skills of retouching that has a requirement of a huge retouching experience. And we have it's! Visit more price page.
shadow effect photoshop
A Photoshop Shadow Effect allows the client to take an image without a reflection, and give it a unique touch by creating a reflection or shadow around the image. Visit more for price page.
Headshots Retouch
Recognition of face is deeply wired inside the brain of every human being. It is very much to your advantage that you provide a professional headshot for people to recognize you.
Photo Manipulation Service
We supply all types of Ghost Mannequin services. We have highly capable hands So easily can allow any type of Photo Manipulation Service. Visit more for the price page.

About Us:

Digital studio for Clipping Path Service, High-End Retouching and  Wedding Images Processing.

We have an group of highly-skilled and professional graphic designers who are well trained for Clipping Path Service and other Adobe platforms. We have outstanding material experience and expertise in the photo editing field over the last 6 years.
With all these motivated and dedicated professional individuals we offer the best service right into your office around the world and round the clock 24/7 at a very reasonable price with its exclusive customer Crystal Wave Photo Designer-support in the USA, UK, Canada, AU and most of EU Countries.
We committed to providing the best services in Clipping Path, Background Removal, Hair Masking, Photoshop Shadow Effect, E-commerce Photo Editing, Photo Retouching, and Wedding Photo Retouching Service.

|| Clipping Path Service NOTE ||

We don’t use any quick selection or magic wand tool for Clipping Path Service. Always use a pen tool so that the edges would be perfectly sharp and crisp.

Years Of Services



We have an excellent group of highly-skilled and perfectly trained professional Graphic-Designers who are well known to Photoshop Image Editing Service.
  • Clipping Path Service
  • Background Removal
  • E-Commerce Image Editing
  • Drop or Reflection Shadow
  • Cut Out / Masking
  • Mannequin / Neck Joint


We have more professional and expert designers are eager to provide the services in an excellent way for High-End Retouching service.
  • Beauty Retouching
  • Head Shot Retouching
  • Model Retouching
  • Glamour Retouching
  • Product Retouching
  • Jewelry Retouching


We want to create Wedding Images Processing and color fixing for our clients and reflect who they are, at a price that they can afford.
  • Color Correction
  • Shadow Fixing
  • Wedding Album
  • Add or Remove Object
  • Lens or Color Effects
  • Image Resizing

What Clients Say?

  • If I say then no about to say for Clipping Path Biz services, Excellent quality and turn around time for service. Thanks to Clipping Path Biz.

    clipping path service
    John Doe
  • Very good team and very good work on my image !!! thank you all there !!! Keep doing the good work !!!

    clipping path service
    Jane Smith
    Web Marketing Analyst
  • It was a great experience to work with Clipping Path Biz team ! I am thankful to the team for quality and quick delivery!

    clipping path service
    Paul Frank
    CEO Of Apple Corp.

Service Plans

We offers the best service with low cost pricing through INTERNET-BASED outsource right into your office around the world.


Price default caption
$35/ 100 Images
  • Image Clipping Path start from $0.39
  • Background Removal start from $0.35
  • E-Commerce Image start from $0.35
  • Reflection Shadow start from $0.49
  • Cut Out / Masking start from $0.79
  • Mannequin / NeckJoint start from $0.69
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Price default caption
$300/ 100 Images
  • Beauty Retouching Start from $4.99
  • Head Shot Retouching Start from $2.99
  • Product Retouching Start from $1.99
  • Jewelry Retouching Start from $1.99
  • Glamour Retouching Start from $4.99
  • Model Retouching Start from $4.99
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Price default caption
$75/ 100 Images
  • Color Correction Start from $0.75
  • Shadow Fixing Start from $0.75
  • Image Resizing Start from $0.50
  • Wedding Album Start from $10.00
  • Add or Remove Object Start from $3.50
  • Lens or Color Effects Start from $1.50
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